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Leaf Pickup




Dear Village Residents;


FALL IS HERE and it is leaf pickup time again. In an attempt to organize leaf pickup the Village Council has adopted the following pick up schedule:


MONDAY:   Main & Maple Streets - Curbs and Gutters ONLY.


TUESDAY:  Church, Cherry and Sheldon Streets.


WEDNESDAY:  Main & Maple (Non-curbs and Gutters) and Ebinger.


THURSDAY:   Hancock, all of Lovell and Watson Streets.


FRIDAY:   Maple Circle area Streets and Sunnymead area Streets.


Note:  Tree limbs/branches – The DPW will not pick up large amounts (more than a Dump Truck full) of tree limbs, brush or branches.  This is the responsibility of the home owner.  Village residents however, may take their brush or branches to a designated area just north of Sunflower Street. (follow the dirt road extending off of Sunflower Street).  Grass clippings and leaves can also be dumped in their designated areas.  (Please no garbage)


Mulch:  The piles of grass clippings and decayed leaves make great mulch and garden fertilizer.  If you need some mulch, help yourself to as much as you need. Mulch is located at the compost area just north of Sunflower Street.


The DPW uses a leaf vacuuming system.  This leaf vacuuming equipment has proven to be the most efficient and also the most cost effective method to meet the needs of the Village.  There are also some limitations to the vacuuming system that require the following set of restrictions:


  •         Please place leaves in PILES, not in a linear fashion

  •      No MULCHED leaves.

  •      No STICKS in the leaves.

  •      No STONES.

  •      No Animal Waste.

  •      Do not place WATER on the leaves.

  •      No WALNUTS


If we get an early snow, then the leaf pickup will be finished for the year. 


Thank you for your cooperation.  Please watch the Crescent Newspaper for further updates.



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