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One-on-One and Small Group Meetings with Village President Available Upon Request

One-on-one and small group meetings are now available upon request for Village of Climax residents with Village President, David Miller. David hopes to be able to schedule meetings with many Village residents to have longer and deeper conversations on topics that matter most to them. 

Though Village Council meetings are always open to the general public, anyone wishing to speak at the meetings are only allowed five minutes. David's hope is that many questions, concerns and hot-button issues can have further conversation than can realistically be achieved in a meeting setting.

"I'm open to any and all topics that are concerns for the people of this Village. And I don't expect these meetings to be all sunshine and roses. I know some conversations people want to have may be tough. But I'm here for the people with my ears and mind open to learn how this Council can best represent their interests," said Miller.

To contact David directly to set up a meeting, you can find his direct phone number and email by clicking HERE.

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