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Leaf Pick-up Special Notice

Leaf pick-up schedule - Go to "Service" tab and select "Leaf pick-up".

No Mulched Leaves **  No Walnuts

Our fine Department of Public Works employees have started to pick up leaves.

Please remember to place leaves between the sidewalks and the road.  DO NOT place leaves on the road.  Leaves placed in the road on curbed streets can plug the drains quickly. Also, no mulched leaves or walnuts.  The mulched leaf mass becomes a very heavy concentration of material, especially when it has rained.  The leaf vacuum impeller is easily damaged due to heavy compacted material.  Also, the walnuts raked up in the leaves damage the leaf vac impeller.  Please separate the walnuts from the leaves and dispose of them in the trash.

Leaf pick-up schedule:


MONDAY:   Main & Maple Streets - Curbs and Gutters ONLY.


TUESDAY:  Church, Cherry and Sheldon Streets.


WEDNESDAY:  Main & Maple (Non-curbs and Gutters) and Ebinger.


THURSDAY:   Hancock, all of Lovell and Watson Streets.


FRIDAY:   Maple Circle area Streets and Sunnymead area Streets.

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