Pay Water Bills Here

no Fees are collected for this service!

Pay option is not activated yet - Coming soon

Checking and Savings accounts only - NO credit card payments at this time

No more rushing to the village hall to drop a payment off or making out a check and losing it before it gets into the mailbox!  You can now pay your water bills ONLINE using a "payment portal" secured through Horizon Bank.  You will authorize payments to be deducted from your checking or savings account in one of two ways:

  • One-time (Quick Pay) Payment (account information is not saved)

  • Set up a Portal account.  (Note: bank account information is not kept by the Village. The Portal account is created and maintained by Horizon Bank in a safe and secure manner. You authorize what to pay and when to pay it)

FIRST STEP:  When the payment button is selected, you will be transferred to Horizon Bank's portal.  So gather the information listed below before you go to the Bank's Site to pay your bill. In either Quick Pay or in setting up a Portal Account you will have to enter all the information listed below.  The difference is that Quick Pay does not save your information and you will have to re-enter every time you make a payment.  Setting up an account (with username and password) will save you time when making a payment.

Making a One-Time (Quick Pay) Payment

A Quick Pay or one-time payment allows you to make a payment without setting up and maintaining any account information.  If you wish to refrain from storing your personal information in the system this is the option you should choose.  To continue with payment, go to the bottom of this page and click on the underlined words.  

Setting up an account for future payments:

  1. Go to the bottom of this page and click on "Click here to initiate your payment".

  2. Select the "Pay Now" Option and enter the appropriate information to set up an online account. You will be entering information in the required fields to create a debit transaction to your checking account.


  • Payment Type – The purpose for which the payment is to be made.  Select the correct option from the drop-down list.   (Village tax payments may be a future option)

  • Amount – The amount field is a value with two decimal places

  • Account # or Parcel #  -  Enter the number associated with this payment.

  • Service Address – Enter the address for which payment is to be made.

  • Contact Phone Number 

  • Payment Type – Select the Bank Account option to electronically debit your account for payment. 

  • Account Type – Select either Checking or Savings.

  • Name on Account – The name on the account to be debited.

  • Is Business Account? – Check this box if payer is a business.

  • Routing Number – Routing number of your bank

  • Account Number – Your bank account number

  • Address – Enter the street address associated with the bank account.

  • Suite/Apt #  

  • City State Zip

  • Email Address –Enter the email address to which a payment confirmation can be sent.