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Welcome to the Newly Remodeled Village of Climax Website!

Welcome to the newly remodeled website for The Village of Climax, still located at Key features from the previous website are still here with several new features added and other new features on the way.

At the top of the page, aka the header, you will find the main links to the different sections of the website. These buttons will stay the same, regardless of what secion you are viewing on the site. Here is a brief walkthrough of the different sections and features.

At the bottom of each page, aka the footer, you will find Village Hall contact information, meeting information and meeting livestream information.

The other sections have the following features:

News and Notices

This is where you can check for News & Notices to the general public from The Village of Climax. Once posted, News & Notices will remain on the website henceforth and available for later reference.

Village Calendar

This Village Calendar will have all Village Meetings and Events. Residents will be able to click events from The Village Calendar and add them to their own personal calendars on their computers and mobile devices.


The Services section provides links to services available to residents of The Village of Climax as well as other area public services and utility companies.


Here, residents can find direct contact information for Village Council Members, Meeting Minutes from that last two years (prior minutes still available by contacting the Village Clerk), Village Ordinances and Job Applications.


This area provides links to Climax Township, Climax-Scotts Community Schools, The Climax Crescent, Lawrence Memorial District Library, Prairie Historical Society and Sturgis Bank.

Bill Payments

The Village of Climax is currently working toward providing a solution for online payments of bills. This secion is labeled "Coming Soon" with more details to come when available.


The most common permits needed for property work completed in The Village of Climax as well as links to our partner, SAFEbuilt in Athens.


A general contact form as well as links to contact Council Members directly.


Residents may log into the site and subscribe to email notifications when News & Updates are posted to


Not sure which button to click? This Search field functions like Google, but only searches For example, if you aren't sure where to find Ordinances, one can search for Ordinances and be directed to all facets of the site where Ordinances appear.

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