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The Village of Climax has a Municipal Water System.  Its 150,000 gallon water tank provides water to every home and business.  

Water is tested on a monthly basis through a MDEQ authorized testing facility.


** $3.80 per 1000 gallons

** Quarterly base fee $25 per quarter.


Water service is billed quarterly.  Water meters are read 2 to 3 weeks prior to billing.  The bills are prepared and sent out to arrive by the 1st day of each calendar quarter (January, April, July and October). IMPORTANT:  If you don't receive a bill by the 1st day of the calendar quarter, please contact the Treasurer for a copy!!  

LATE FEE:  After 15 days (16th day of the month), a $25 late fee is added to the bill.  If your payment is not received by the Treasurer by the 15th of the month you will owe this additional amount.

DISCONNECTION NOTICE:  30 days delinquent or 1st day of the following month, a DISCONNECT NOTICE will be sent to you. There is a $20 fee applied to your account when this notice is generated.  You have 15 days to pay before the water service is shut off.  You will receive no further notice.

WATER SHUT-OFF:  After 45 days (15th day of the following month) your water service will be shut off.  The shut off will take place on the 16th day or the 46th day of delinquency.  IMPORTANT:  A $100 fee will be applied to your account.  To have your water turned on we must receive your payment in full (including all fees).  For example: If your water bill was $35 and you did not pay and the water was shut off, you would owe $158.50 ($35 +10% late fee ($3.50) + $20 + $100).

WATER BILL QUESTIONS:  Contact the Treasurer.  Contact information is under "Resources".

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